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May 16, 2024 - Jun 27, 2024

Women in Elevation: 6 Week Intensive

  • 43Days
  • 2Steps


Take control of your future by changing the way you show up in the world. Your network determines your healthy and wealth in this life! And in order to create a circle of friends and contacts that are inspiring you to elevate yourself, you have to work on your presence. A next level life requires next level skills. No more shrinking. No more overthinking or fearing rejection. No more feeling awkward in how you stand and move. No more not knowing what to say. In this 6 week group coaching intensive, we are diving deeper into the social skills needed to take you to the next level in your life, as well as, upgrading the mind and body. We are focusing on your PERSONAL BRAND as a woman. How you show up physically - with confidence, elegance, style, and grace. How you become a master of your thoughts and emotions to become "untriggerable." How you show up socially and make personal and professional connections with ease and charm. How you elevate into a more confident, graceful, and POLISHED version of yourself who matches the lifestyle and the experiences you want to have. This intensive is for women who are serious and committed to the next level. They want to elevate in their careers, attract higher quality relationships, or finally feel like the polished, graceful, and confident woman they always knew they were. Course Outline 1: Mindset & Confidence: Seeing Yourself as Equal, Developing a Positive & Growth Based Mindset 2: Upgrading Your Body Language 3: Social Elegance: Mastery of Self 4: Social Elegance: Mastering the Art of Conversations and Becoming More Charming 5: Refining Body Language and Networking Skills 6: Elevating Your Personal Brand On & Offline: Style, Values, and Goals Weekly Coaching Sessions Thursdays @6pm CST and Assignments Program begins May 16th

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