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Once upon a time, 

in the vibrant city of LA, a young woman found her calling in the most unexpected of places. It was her sister, Alethea Austin, who first introduced her to the world of pole dancing at BeSpun. What began as a fun vacation activity soon blossomed into a lifelong passion. With a rich tapestry of ballet since eight, and forays into gymnastics and diving, she wasn't new to the rhythm of movement. But pole dancing? It was like discovering a new language of expression.

As she twirled and soared, she realized pole dancing was more than an art; it was a journey of empowerment. Each spin and pivot wasn't just about grace; it was about finding one's inner strength and beauty. Her path soon led her to teaching, where she has been shaping the dreams of aspiring dancers since 2010. With the wisdom of an X Pole Xpert certification and the nurturing skills honed from a decade in the classroom, she guides her students with a philosophy that resonates deeply: "Together is better."

She's a mosaic of experiences and tales. Imagine a young artist exploring the creative realms of Canada, a vibrant spirit dancing in a country music video, and the energetic vibes of a go-go dancer.

Her life is a canvas of diverse and colorful experiences. Her favorite moves? The pirouette and spinning sit, each a testament to her love for elegance and poise.


Today, she stands as more than a teacher. She's a visionary, aspiring to expand the Pure Elegance community, fostering a space where women can feel beautiful through the art of dance. In her eyes, every beginner holds the potential to be a maestro in their own right. She envisions a world where the pole is not just a prop, but a partner in the dance of life, empowering each student to embrace their unique rhythm.

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