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Learn from my signature courses or join my next masterclass. 


Become your most graceful, confident, and authentically feminine self in my signature 90 day movement and mindset program. 

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Online Course |  12 Weeks (41 Steps)

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In 90 days you will learn to:



  • Add grace, elegance, and sensuality to ALL your movements

  • Own the room with your confidence

  • Prioritize your joy and pleasure

  • Upgrade your mindset

  • Tap into YOUR authentic femininity 

  • And transform into a more confident and graceful version of yourself

This is for the woman who wants to look and feel elegant different from the inside through a process of refining her movement and mindset. 

Once you SEE yourself moving gracefully after learning my techniques the transformation has already begun. 

I am so excited to help you blossom!


The Spinning Aerial Invert Course offers comprehensive training to master the graceful art of spinning aerial inverts, a highly sought-after skill.


Online Course 

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This course* is specially designed for those eager to learn the elegant and challenging spinning aerial invert, a move that combines spinning, lifting, and floating techniques.


The course provides (4) detailed lessons, each packed with specific exercises aimed at refining the technique and making the spin more effective and effortless. And it includes two bonus workshop recordings, including the Invert Clinic.


The course is a deep dive breakdown of how I've taught hundreds of students to aerially invert with more grace and finesse. 

*This course is tailored for those who can already invert comfortably into a knee hang from the ground. It's ideal for both individuals looking to polish their form and for beginners who can climb and sit in the air, though still learning to invert.


Learn the art of teaching beginner pole in this professional development style teacher training course. 


Online Course

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Don't miss this chance to become an exceptional pole dance instructor who excels in both the 'what' and the 'how' of teaching.

Learn skills that you can implement immediately for:

  • Professional class planning

  • Teaching mixed levels

  • Helping your students have fun with the basics

  • Giving better feedback

  • Managing groups and difficult students

  • and more!


Enroll now and make a lasting impact in the pole dance community!

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Whether you're a novice eager to explore the fundamentals or an enthusiast looking to refine your technique, our expertly crafted lessons and tutorials provide the guidance you need. Dive in, set your own rhythm, and let your pole dance journey take flight.

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Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our handpicked selection of high-quality apparel ensures you'll feel your best during every spin, climb, and invert. Don't wait - head on over to the Boutique for some great deals!

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