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Unlock the full spectrum of pole dance excellence with our exclusive subscription service. Join our community of passionate learners and enjoy unlimited access to a treasure trove of video lessons and tutorials. With a convenient monthly subscription, you not only:

  • gain entry to our current library of expertly curated content

  • but it also includes access to the Pure Elegance Private Group

  • and live streamed sessions



Join my private learning community where we dive deep into the beauty and elegance of Beginner Spin Pole. Access a full tutorial library, attend livestream classes, and connect with like minded dancers. 



  • What do I get access to if I subscribe?
    You get access to the full beginner pole tutorial library where there are over 70 on-demand videos starting with your first walks and climbs to longer routines and more advanced skills. You also get access to the private community where you can connect with fellow dancers and Ariel, join in on monthly challenges, and access exclusive content. You also get access to the monthly live class with Ariel, the first Monday night of each month. Replays are always available in the tutorial subscription.
  • Can I cancel it anytime?
    In this video, I'll show you how to easily cancel subscriptions on our website. You can do it anytime, and I'll guide you through the process step by step. I'll also explain how to access your payment information and confirm the card you have on file. If you have any issues, please reach out to my team at Thank you for subscribing! Here's the video for how to cancel that can be added to the Subscriptions FAQ for the Pure Elegance/Beginner Pole
  • Can I freeze my account if I'm going on vacation?
    Unfortunately no, I don't have that option yet on my software.
  • Does this program cover inverts?
    No, this is a beginner poll program, it covers my curriculum from your first walks and rolls to some “beginnermediate” moves like the apprentice.

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Pure Elegance


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Pole Teacher Training

Learn the art of teaching beginner pole in this one of a kind, professional development training. There is so much more to being a pole teacher than knowing how to do the moves and dancing at the front of the room. 

In this training you will learn educational and instructional best practices that work in ANY classroom but will help you to attract and retain more beginner clients. 

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