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Beginner Pole Virtual Teacher Training Course

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Are you ready to level up your instruction? You know there's just something missing in your classes? Often times training programs focus on what to teach (which is absolutely necessary) but there's not much guidance on how to teach effectively. Managing groups with varied ability levels and personalities can be a challenge. That's why there is a need for more professional development. Welcome to our Beginner Pole Teacher Training, a specialized program dedicated to equipping instructors with advanced pedagogical practices tailored for effective pole dance instruction. This comprehensive training goes beyond the technical aspects of pole dancing, focusing on the art of teaching itself. Join us in shaping the next generation of pole dance instructors who understand not just WHAT to teach but HOW to teach. This program is perfect for any instructors or studio owners looking to level up their instruction and enhance the experience for their beginner pole clients. Program Outline: Module 1: Guidelines and Principles for How to Teach Beginners Module 2: ABC's of My Signature Curriculum Module 3: Structuring Classes and Lessons Module 4: Layering and Remixing Module 5: Creating a Culture of Corrections Module 6: Classroom Management Module 7: Masterclass Experience Module 8: Bonus Videography Training This training is NOT a deep dive into anatomy and technical breakdowns for every skill. This is NOT a certification program. This training is a PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for teachers who already have a working and foundational understanding of Beginner Pole skills and techniques who want to improve their instructional practices to attract and retain more clients. You will have access to course materials for one year from the date of purchase. This course DOES NOT include access to my tutorial library or personal feedback for your homework assignments which can be purchased separately.

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