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3 Things to Look for in a Pole Teacher

1. Is the class for the teacher or for you?

Meaning, is the teacher the only one in the room who can do the moves he or she is teaching? Unfortunately, the class may be designed according to the teacher’s level and needs instead of the students. This is never on purpose and can still be an enjoyable class, but when starting out look for classes where the majority of the students can do what the teacher asks and demonstrates. There may even be some students who are able to demonstrate because they have been trained well.

2. Consistency

Is the class different every time you attend? Don’t get me wrong, variety is great! However, when mastering a new skill nothing beats consistent, quality practice. Look for someone who teaches a consistent curriculum that leads to mastery. You will know from asking other students and taking at least 3 classes.

3. Balanced Training

Does your teacher train both your sides? Speaking from personal experience, do not skip training both sides. It leads to imbalances, injuries, and makes you a less versatile dancer. Your teacher should always make you practice both sides.

There are many fantastic pole teachers out there. For any beginner pole dancers out there, the list above may help you when deciding what classes to sign up for and who to do private training with.

Happy dancing!

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