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3 Beginner Pole Dance Moves to Master

3 Beginner Pole Dance Moves to Master

In my ten years of teaching pole dance, I have discovered that there are three essential moves everyone must master in order to become a pole dancer.

  1. Walking

  2. Rolling

  3. Dipping

Let me say it one more time for the people in the back. :)

Walking, rolling, and dipping.

It’s so simple you might think I am making it up. Watching professional pole dancers you might think, what about spins, inverts, etc.?

But let me put it to you like this, if you wanted to learn to play the piano, would you start with playing Beethoven? No. Learning your scales and playing something like “Hot Cross Buns” would make much more sense. The more you practice your scales, the better your muscle memory and dexterity becomes. You gain fluidity and the movements become effortless. Then, as you progress to harder pieces, your hands are ready to do more complex movements to create more complex sounds.

It is the same in all disciplines involving performance. The simple becomes the complex. Your walk around the pole influences how you enter and exit all of the moves you do. It helps you develop timing, grace, and style. Body rolls are a staple of what I call “classic” pole dance and they can be learned, practiced, and mastered no matter how you look when you start. Dipping, or hip swinging, is like the plié of pole. A plié is when you bend your knees in ballet and it is the first exercise in class for beginners and prima ballerinas. Of course, in pole it looks different, but the goal of seamless, gooey plies as you swing your hips from side to side makes your first dip spin and all remaining spins look flawless as you exit.

So, just remember that the progress you seek comes from mastering the basics. And do not put pressure on yourself to reach mastery overnight. Consistency is key. I recommend practicing your walks, rolls, and dips two to three times a week as long as you pole dance. Yes, you heard me correctly. For as long as you pole dance! Keep in mind that 2-3 songs during your warm up is sufficient. I guarantee you will see a difference in your dancing.

And for those of you who are BRAND new to pole, I have great news for you. You can definitely master these moves. No gymnastics background required!

Happy dancing!

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