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When and How to Start Wearing Pole Heels

"Can I start dancing in pole heels right away?"

This is a question I get a lot, especially when classes were in person. You come in and see your pole instructor and the other students wearing beautiful, exotic looking heels and of course you want a pair!

Here's what I would normally advise. Take your first few classes barefoot so that you can get a feel for what pole dancing is like. It is enough of a challenge to learn your first few moves and spins without the heels, I promise! If pole dancing is something you want to keep doing, I suggest starting with a pair of 6 inch heels. Most of my beginner clients like the peep toe booties for the extra ankle support.

I also recommend that you spend time walking around in your shoes at home before trying them in class. There is no better way to find your balance in the shoes then to practice walking in them. Play two or three songs that make you want to dance and walk around, use the wall for stability if you have to! Do this two to three times a week and you will start to see fast results.

In my beginner group classes, I make time to teach people how to walk in pole shoes and it becomes as important as learning the spins. Without balance and coordination, nothing will look good so make sure you spend the time to get used to dancing in your shoes.

If you have extremely weak ankles or any other situation that may prevent you from practicing alone safely, I suggest starting with releves (raising onto the balls of your feet and balancing). You can hold the back of a chair or countertop to do this. Continue strengthening your ankles and preparing yourself for your shoes.

I spent at least a year or more dancing in 6 inch heels before graduating to 7 inch platforms. It was not common for people to dance in 8 inch shoes unless you were very advanced and experienced. Keep that in mind as you progress. There is no rush to dance in shoes you are not ready for. Follow the path of those before you and trust that you will reach your goals.

Happy Dancing!


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